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Our Services

1. Developing
2. Design
3. CSS and HTML
4. Javascript
5. Web Services
6. Woo Commerce
7. SEO

8. Ad campaigns
9. Data Entry
10. Transcription
11. Translation
12. Software Testing
13. Proofreading
14. Others

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You’ve impressed me over and over with your knowledge, professionalism, responsiveness and courtesy. ThakurG is truly a outstanding company and we can all agree that you have really made our work here a success.
Thomas Dean
Thanks again for all your help. I couldn't be happier - excellent service from start to finish!
Martha Marx


This is the first Website where you can get everything. This Website is suitable for everyone whether that is a child, a student, a housewife, a family, a web developer, senior citizens and many more. Actually this is not a blog, in fact, it is a network of hundreds of best websites collection, so that our user can get everything in one place.

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About the Owner

The owner of this website lives in Birgunj, Nepal. He is a web developer. He is a Software Engineer. He is a Professional Transcriptionist. He is a Crypto-Investor. He is an affiliate marketer. He is a Crypto Trader. He is a SEO expert. He is a FreeLancer. He is the owner of hundreds of websites. He is Saurav Kumar Thakur.

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About the Team

Our team is a group of professionals and experts of different fields, having full creativity with an aim of perfection. Our team is Nepal's Leading Group with full dedication to the work.